About Us

Biltmore Properties & Development is a local, family-owned company dedicated to renovating and restoring single-family homes in the Greater Cleveland area. Owner Brian O'Donnell has over 40 years of experience in real estate and construction, and maintains an ongoing passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals whether buying or selling a home.

Biltmore Properties specializes in working with individuals who own or may have inherited a distressed property that may be cluttered and in need of repairs, and are looking for a quick and easy solution to selling.

We have transformed countless houses from an unsightly appearance to like-new condition.

So whether you are in need of selling a home or are interested in buying, Biltmore Properties can offer a solution. Call, text, or email us today!

“Brian O'Donnell with Biltmore Properties was very easy to work with in a real estate transfer that needed to be completed quickly. He went above and beyond in assisting with the closing requirements and various inspections. I would definitely work with him again if given the opportunity.”

Lisa J. Carey, Esq.

Trustee representing the seller for an estate property